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I'm often asked what I do to keep my hair so healthy and smooth. Once I reveal that my hair is also relaxed the next question follows, "what kind of relaxer are you using???" I'm always quick to reply "Hawaiian Silky Mild". Little do women know, however, that often times a mild relaxer is the best route to take if you want to avoid over processing your hair, which is what takes away the luster and body.

I didn't aways use mild though. No, my head has experienced them all, starting with Revlon regular. When I was sixteen, I snuck to Black Hair Is (remember them?) to take advantage of a $25 special they were offering on all relaxers. I was so excited to be finally liberated from the straight comb I bared every time my mother washed my hair. Yes, mommy was still washing my hair at the age of sixteen. It was simply too thick and too much for me to handle on my own.

Any who, the relaxer didn't take as well as I would have liked. After all was said and done a
I was left with a long and thick bob that sorta resembled the wig that Elizabeth Taylor wore when she played Cleopatra. After two touch ups and no foreseen future of a better hair do, I decided to try a different hair stylist. A girlfriend of mind suggested I try a place called Carmen Anna's, located on 146th street and Broadway. I was introduced to the Dominican wash and set plus wrap. The first thing they did was upgrade me from the Revlon regular to the Revlon super. Boy...what a difference a little extra lye makes. My hair was looking like Mariah Carey's. I was so happy, that is of course until my hair started to lose it's natural luster and became limp, dry and just not so dark and lovely (remember them?) anymore.

So, after 10 years of the same routine, a wash and set every week and touch-ups every 2-3 months, I made a bold decision. No more's time for some thick corn-rows. For about a year I grew as much of my relaxer out as I could. However, when all was said and done with that experiment, I was left saying to myself, "what the heck do you think you're doing?". Did I really think I could manage my own head of chemical-free hair? After all, it used to take my Mom 5 hours just to comb through it after a wash. It was definitely time to rethink my hair maintenance strategy.

While on a New Year's vacation in St. Thomas, I discovered a relaxer that really left the hair feeling healthy and conditioned. It's base had mink oil in it and the women on the island swore by it. As soon as I returned to New York, I searched for the Hawiian Silky. I started out with regular but then remembered what my first go around left me with so I downgraded to mild and have been using it ever since. My hair began to restore itself but I was still left with breakage issues while in between washes and touch-ups.

In 2005, I was introduced to this potion called Magic Potion. Yes...seriously.... that's what it was called and that was just what it was, magic. The yellowish serum was a blend of natural oils and waxes. When I was no longer able to get a hold of the person that supplied me with it I totally freaked out, that is until I realized that I still had the empty bottle with ingredients on the back.... :-)

After time, trial and just a few errors, I was able to formulate a serum that I actually prefer better. The general concept is there but adding my own special touch is what makes it special. Fruition Hair Serum is like fruit nectar for the hair. It's thick ,sweet and you just need a drop to transform a dull coat of hair into one that shines with life!

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