Salt Vs. Sugar

Published March 7, 2009

A few months back, while doing a designers show, a customer asked if my scrubs were salt or sugar. She said that it was very important that she stay away from sugar scrubs because they irritated her eczema. Who knew? I wouldn’t have imagined that sugar could irritate the skin if applied topically. But, when you think about it…what does it do to our bodies when ingested?


My reason for using Dead Sea Salt for our body scrubs was purely about my familiarity with its detoxifying properties for the skin and body.I used to hear stories from my Israeli friends about the natural healing baths of Dead Sea Salt that the region’s people and its visitors had the luxury of taking.Why wouldn’t you want to recreate that in a jar that could be used at your whim?When I think about sugar scrubs, however, I can’t help but think about all the damaging aspects of sugar to our bodies when ingested, diabetes, obesity and…cavities, yikes!I just couldn’t imagine swimming in a bath of Dead Sea Sugar, unless lemons were added of course….yummm, fresh lemonade.I’m sorry, we’re talking bath products here not beverages.

Any who, what do you prefer in a scrub, salt or sugar?

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