Butter By Keba Love Notes Candle 7oz.


Introducing a collaboration between  Butter By Keba and Love Notes LLC, a Brooklyn based hand poured soy candle company.  These special edition custom candles make great gifts!

Butter By Keba has paired 3 of it’s top fragrances with candle scents from Love Notes LLC.
Green Tea & Love Notes No. 8

Georgia Tea & Love Notes No. 5

Lotus Nut, A Butter By Keba Signature Blend

Each blend has been individually and uniquely designed by their creators but ceremoniously compliment one another because of their notes in common.  All candles are 7oz. and burn for 3.5 hours.

If you can't go out without a hint of our Georgia Tea then you'll love burning Love Note No. 5.  Stay energized with a juicey Citrus blend of Grapefruit, Peach and Mangosteen.

Is Green Tea your fav?  Try Love Note No. 8 in your oasis.  You'll enjoy the classic Green Tea scent blended with hints of Cinnamon over Burnt Orange peel.

Need to relax and replenish?  Our Lavender Cami blend is everything.  We've paired it with Love Note No. 2.   This aromatic blend of Lavender fused with Black Amber over juicey Ripened Pear diffuses a romantic and soft powder scent. 

And if you're in love with our signature Lotus Nut blend as much as everyone else then you know what time it is!

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