Chateau Perfume Body Oil

$25.00 USD $30.00 USD

Elevated Luxury Meets Timeless Elegance

Crafted for the discerning nose, Chateau melds vintage allure with contemporary flair, beckoning a new age of opulence.

  • Top Notes:

    • Brazilian Sweet Orange EO: Energizing Aromatics
    • Pink Grapefruit EO (USA): Vibrant & Uplifting
    • Italian Bergamot EO: Signature Citrus Elegance
  • Heart Notes:

    • Icelandic Sea Moss & Rice Milk: Natural, Organic Essence
    • Roman Chamomile & Neroli NFO: Calming & Mood-Enhancing
    • Lavender, Palmrosa & Eucalyptus EO: Premium Relaxation Blend
  • Bottom Notes:

    • Cardamom (Sri Lanka), Fir Balsam & Cedarwood (USA): Woody Coniferous Sophistication
    • Madagascar Vetiver: Grounding Earthiness
    • Cinnamon Leaf (Sri Lanka): Warmth & Depth with Musk undertones

    Inspiration: A homage to timeless Fougère fragrances. Chateau, enriched with luxury and sophistication, appeals to both the modern man and woman. This scent embodies strength and grace, a versatile aroma reminiscent of the world's finest gourmand fragrances.

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