Butter By Keba is luxury wrapped in natural plant-based moisturizing formulas, paired with clean fragrance designed for anyone who wants to have soft, smooth skin + smell amazing all day. Our products are blended with premium ingredients then infused with natural essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance synergies that have been created using a perfumer's technique. If you suffer from dry skin and rough patches or struggle with finding a fragrance that isn’t overwhelming and compliments your unique body chemistry then Butter By Keba is for You.  Try our premium body butters.   You’ll be so glad you did.


Harlem born Makeba Lloyd ( a.k.a. Keba Guilan) began blending and mixing essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances with shea butter as a therapeutic way to alleviate her chronic dry skin only to discover a convenient method of moisturizing and scenting in one easy step.  Inspired by the aromas of open air markets and fragrance houses on her 2006 travels through Egypt.  Makeba pursued her curiosity and fascination for the fragrance world in the  natural perfumery classrooms of the New York Open Center.  She later furthered her education in the classrooms of the New York Institue of Aromatic Studies, as well as honed her skills of perfumery at Pratt Institute under world renown perfumer Raymond Matts.   Makeba realized she had a passion for creating fragrances that people would love.  And so, Butter By Keba was born from an innovative idea to create natural, cruelty & paraben free skin care while offering sophisticated fragrance in one product.

" When we step out to the world we go nose first, said Sarah Lawrence college professor and author, Joseph Campbell.  I hope you will take the opportunity to smell every blend.  Each was designed to appeal to every nose by incorporating classic essential oils and fragrances that are familiar but  are paired to create something unique while stimulating curiosity.   Our goal and mission is to bring people together through fragrance.“ - Keba

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