All About Love by Susan L. Taylor

Published March 29, 2009 on

That's right, it's all about love in Susan Taylor's bold and beautiful new book, All About Love.  The 253 page hard cover book, bound in an elegant pearlized lavender jacket, is a glorious selection of pieces from her former monthly Essence column In the Spirit.  This book is pure Sister to Sister Love and Wisdom.  I am so grateful and honored to have had the opp0rtunity to exchange a few words and share a photo with this amazingly brave and brilliant woman.

Just two weeks ago Project Enterprise hosted its annual Entrepreneurs Week.  The halls of Columbia's Law Library were full of existing and upcoming entrepreneurs and business owners, all there to hear the words of our gracious guests.   On the evening of March 17th 2009, however, we all were brought to tears of joy, gratitude and an unusual sense of redemption while our beloved former Essence Editor-in-Chief, Susan Taylor, shared her life experience and dreams for the future.  Words can not express the energy that she exuded, even as she glided across the stage to the podium.  It's as if she had been sprinkled with some kind of spiritual pixie dust of the most omnipotent kind.  She spoke straight from her heart and directly into ours.  What an uplifting and inspiring moment it was for everyone in the room.

Ms. Taylor shared a magnificent video which outlined her latest project and life purpose National Cares, a national movement to engage everyday citizens across our great nation in the fulfilling cause of mentoring our youth.  She spoke passionately about the necessity and urgency for our community to scoop up our young people, begin the healing process and elevate ourselves to taking more responsibility for ourselves and our brothers and sisters.   Ms. Taylor has been working closely with the National Black Caucus and President Obama's transition team to move this agenda forward.  This is such an exciting endeavor and I humbly urge everyone reading this blog to log on to for more information about how you can get involved in your own communities.

In addition,  I urge all of my sisters and brothers to get this book!  It is a must read that will speak to your soul.

BTW, Ms. Taylor looked amazing!  She has a permanent glow (probably from the pixie dust) and it is my belief that she is actually aging backwards.    So, if you would like to get a true sense of what she's doing to take good care of herself and her loved ones read All About Love, Favorite Selections from In the Spirit on Living Fearlessly by Susan L. Taylor.

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