Can fragrance oils be used on skin?

Yes, fragrance oils can be used on the skin. In fact, fragrance oils are used in the perfume and beauty industries to create scented products, as well as perfume and cologne. They can add a unique scent to products such as lotions and soaps. However, fragrance oils should be used sparingly and should be diluted with carrier oils. 

 can fragrance oils be used on the skin

We are grateful for the experience and education, we've been given thus far.  What we have learned is that not all oils are created alike.  Butter By Keba combines natural, organic and phthalate free fragrance to create aromatic synergies.   Our blended body care formulations consist of .5%-1.5%  fragrance in MCT oil (Medium-chain triglycerides derived from coconut/palm oils).  We follow aromatherapeutic guidelines for safety and efficacy. . We suggest applying fragrance oils with a roll-on, massaging them into your skin in a very gentle circular motion, taking care to avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.

 perfume oils fragrance oils

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