Herbs, essences and the like.

Published March 8, 2009

A couple of months ago I received a beautiful package of herbal powders from my dear friend Mr. DW in Mumbai India.  It was tightly wrapped in a natural cotton sack with a homemade label well taped to the front.  What an official international package this was.  I didn't open it for an entire day and a half because I refused to rip it open while I was pressed for time or preoccupied with other tasks.  No...I wanted to wait until I could give this special Mumbai package my undivided attention.  After all, my good friend took precious time out of his day to source these wonderful goods.  I had to give the experience of opening such a treasure from across the Atlantic its proper respect.

In my treasure pouch WERE four "time tested" ingredients that have been used for ages.

Neem(Azadaractica Indica)-
Used for the treatment of all sorts of skin problems. The constituents are Nimbidol and Gedunin and these have good fungicidal properties. Also, very effective in treatment of skin disorders like scabies, warts, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.

Sandalwood (Chandan) : This is a unique Indian plant that has an extraordinary fragrance. The bark of the sandalwood tree is very smooth and sandalwood paste results in an extremely smooth, unblemished and lustrous look to the skin. The fragrance of sandalwood has proven to be an aphrodisiac. H-E-L-L-O...we love sandalwood.

Turmeric (Haldi) : This is used as a popular remedy for infections, boils, injuries and accident recovery.

Basil (Tulsi) : This is worshipped as the purest and sublime plant. This is very effective in treating skin disorders as it is a blood purifier and kills bacteria. This provides relief to inflamed throat conditions as well.

So over the last month and  a half I've been researching the best mediums, consistencies and methods of introducing these very special herbal substances to the Butter By Keba line.  I'm definitely thinking body butter or perhaps a light salve.    Something that has a cooling and soothing effect to the skin and scalp if preferred.  I'd blend essential oil potions that enhance the herbal product with fragrant magic of course.  I'm also considering an herbal body and face mask.  This would be a top seller during the warmer months.  Neem is also a great bug repellent.  Using a neem and sandalwood mask before heading out to an outdoor concert in the park would kill two birds with one stone!

These are some of what Butter By Keba has stewing for the Spring/Summer collection

If you have any ideas for products or would like to see these wonderful herbs used in a specific way, please comment.

Thanks much!

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