La Juana Smith Huebner The Spaaaht for Scentonomy Wellness


A note from La Juana Smith - Huebner:

"Massage Therapy has been my calling from a very early age. One of the most poignant memories of my childhood was the daily massage I gave my grandfather when he was very sick. He told me that it was, "The best part of his day".

That memory fueled my drive to become a certified massage therapist with the knowledge, experience & credentials to work with clients all over the world.

I have been in the spa industry for over 20 years – focusing on massage therapy, skin care, nail health and total body wellness in some of the most renown places in New York City."

La Juan's focus is to create amazing spa experiences using customized equipment, natural and organic products and ingredients for her massage and skin care services, Handicals and Footcials treatments (our version of manicures and pedicures but better.

The SPAaaht, located at 775 Saint Nicholas Avenue in the heart of Sugar Hill in Harlem,  also offers additional services such as custom curated natural hair care curl-finder technique, functional nutritional counseling, and rebounding exercise.


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