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“I purchased the green tea for the first time a few months ago and I fell immediately in love with it the minute I opened the bottle. Even when I was using it in the locker room of a spa, a someone near me asked what it was because she smelled it just like I did! I love it!”

-Dianne on Jun 27, 2019

Replenish+ Revitalize with Moisturizing Fragrance 

If you’re looking for a body lotion with a texture that easily absorbs but hydrates you’ve come to the right site.  Benefit from softening properties and a velvety feel when using our paraben free and phthalate-free body lotions made from a nourishing formula which includes safflower,  sunflower, rosemary, grapeseed and vitamin E oils. 

    Ingredients: (Distilled Water) , Aloe barbadensis Mill (Aloe Vera Juice), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Oil), Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba Oil), Limnanthes Alba (Medowfoam Seed Oil), Stearic Acid, Soy Oil, Cetyl Alcohol,  Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Palmitic Acid, Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary Oil), 

    • phthalate-free & natural fragrance.  See our Fragrances for EO and FO breakdown.
    • Origin of core ingredients: Mexico, United States
    • Ethically sourced.

    Our fragrances are blended with natural organic essential oils, as well as phthalate-free fragrances.  Our formulas have no paraffin, no petroleum, no mineral oil, no harsh chemicals.  Plant-based

    Our butters, salts and lotions are natural  and typically have a 12 month shelf life when unopened.  We suggest refrigerating unused product or keeping them in a cool environment if you don’t plan to use them for a while.


    Butter By Keba creates fragrant blends using the technique of a perfumer from an aromatherapeutic perspective. While we hold certification in aromatherapy we are not medical practitioners nor prescribe our blends for medical purposes. We suggest seeking the consultation of a medical professional for any medical issue you may be experiencing.

    We advise against using blends with Musk fragrance and Cinnamon essential oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  These include our White Silke, Unity Code and Precious Sudan blends.

    Our Almost Unscented and Lavender Cami blends are great for expecting mothers, little ones and those sensitive to fragrance.

    Customer Reviews

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    Gerald Story
    Hold family product

    Wife Love your body butter

    Bruce Spencer
    Smelling good

    Beautiful scent

    Iris Williams

    I am a frequent flyer with this company. I have never been disappointed. It keeps my skin well oiled and soft. I recently tried some new scents and they are just as impressive as the first time use. Highly recommended.

    Katie McGrath
    Simply luscious!

    Silky texture, understated, yummy fragrance and wonderful on my skin!

    I Am Tinisha
    Another amazing addition to my BBK collection!!!!

    I have purchased several butters from Keba which are amazing but my absolute favorite scent is La Vera!!! So clean & crisp so I decided to try the lotion as well...BEST DECISION EVER!!! Soft, smooth and supple! My skin and senses are so happy anytime I use my...anything by Butter By Keba!!! You cannot go wrong with any scent even on a blind purchase, it's a WIN!!! Don't hesitate BUY IT!!! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. FYI...That Georgia Tea and Precious Sudan are not to EVER be slept on!!!