Gua Sha, Green Jade Rose Quartz Stone & Stainless Steel Massage Tool

$20.00 USD

Revitalize & Illuminate with Gua Sha Massage

The Gua Sha Tool- Rose Quartz: Crafted to perfection, this tool is your go-to for enhanced circulation, reduced puffiness, and an instant face lift. Used by ancient Chinese royalty, Gua Sha promotes lymphatic drainage and increases blood flow, revealing a more radiant and sculpted complexion.

How to use - Gua Sha Routine: Using the Gua Sha tool, begin at the neck and move upwards, along the jaw line and cheeks with the edge of the tool.  At the chest start from the heart center and move outward towards the left shoulder and the same towards the right shoulder. For best results, use 3-5 times a week.  Wash and dry Gua Sha tools after and before each use.

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