Men's Travel Eau De Cologne 0.5oz


Are you sensitive to commercial grade perfume heavy in chemical alcohol and phthalates?   Well, you have found a cleaner alternative that actually lasts.

The Egyptia Collection
- A collection of phthalate-free colognes made with Organic Cane alcohol & Grain alcohol married with a 10% concentration of essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils.  Colognes are typically blended with a 2-5% concentration .  Travel Eau De Cologne is available in Citruese, White Silke, Lotus Nut and a new edition (with the fellas in mind) Chateau.   Each cologne is hand poured and packaged in a reusable burlap travel pouch.  A perfect gift!

When I traveled to Egyptia (Egypt) I was completely and utterly inthralled.   I had dreamed and imagined what this far away place would be like ever since I was a child.   So, when I finally had the opportunity to travel to this sacred land in 2006 with the Sankofa World Publishers I was beyond excited and anxious about what the experience would be.  From day 1 I walked tombs, temples and valleys of Kings, Queens and Priests who ruled and built civilizations thousands of years ago.  I sailed up and down the Nile River from Cairo to Nubia on a luxurious cruise ship stopping off to places like Elephantine Island where the smell of Jasmine flowers hit me as soon as I stepped off the ship and Luxor where there were huge columns carved with papyrus and lotus petals to represent the Upper and Lower regions of Egypt.  I flew to remote locations like Aswan and Abu Simbel to visit the monumental temples of Ramses II and Queen Neferatari (a perfumer) and learned that the art of perfume making was one of the high priests for healing purposes.  It was all so overwhelming and absolutely MIND-BLOWING.

Today I bring you this line of  travel colognes made with the memories of my travels to Egyptia  still ingrained  in my heart and mind.



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