A Summer For Scar Healing.

This summer I promised myself that I would work on healing by cooking burns.  I had a few on one arm, my right, some old and recent.

I took a combination of fresh raw aloe plant and our body butter in Precious Sudan for its Frankincense essential oil component and Lavender Cami for its Geranium and Lavender essential oils.  And, of course we all know how healing shea butter and aloe plants are:

I applied the aloe first, then the butters (switching between the 2 fragrances) every day for 6 weeks.  While the more recent scars seemed to fade away the older ones will take more time.  I believe scars of any kind, whether internal or external, new or old, can be healed with love, care and patience.

Frankincense oil has wound-healing properties.

Scientific studies have revealed that frankincense essential oil helps with every stage of wound healing. Frankincense oil helps scars heal faster because it lowers levels of collagen III in scar tissue. This can help wounds heal quickly and minimize the appearance of scars. 

The best oil for scars should help to lower levels of type I and III collagen as the wound is healing. Studies have shown that lavender essential oil helps control collagen synthesis and promotes natural wound healing.”

Another reason why lavender essential oil is good for scars is that it has antioxidant properties. Research published in 2016 found that the antioxidant potential of lavender enhances wound contraction and protein synthesis. These are both important factors in helping heal scars naturally”.

Geranium essential oil is one of the most used essential oils to relieve inflammation, even the skin tone, and encourage new cell growth.

It contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties which are all essential in wound-healing and fading scars.

A 2013 research established that Geranium essential oil is effective in treating and preventing inflammatory skin conditions, but still, the results are not swift.” 

In other words, patience is the main healing ingredient.

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