Precious Moments | A World With Frankincense

If you love warm, soothing aromas for long winter nights, then our Precious Sudan blend will be just what you need. This luxurious moisturizer is light as a feather, but hard-hitting when it comes to hydration and nourishment. Rested skin will be your reward after each application. Plus, it smells delicious!

We blend a spicy but cool accord of Frankincense, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cinnamon with essential oils of Frankincense, Cinnamon leaf, Sandalwood and Vanilla.  According to the American College for Health Services, the powerful combo of Frankincense, Sandalwood and Cinnamon essential oils  aids in cell rejuvenation. In fact, this combo is reputed to support a stronger barrier and provide protection against environmental aggressors. If you’re a fan of exotic scents, this is one worth checking out. It’s not overpowering, but it has plenty of bold, exotic flavor that should appeal to those who appreciate rich aromas. 


Frankincense or Boswellia Carteri is described as the “It will be alright tomorrow” oil. Found in our Precious Sudan Blend, it is extracted from resin from the tree and is believed to strengthen and invigorate the respiratory system. 🌬️🍃

Frankincense also holds properties that reduce feelings of anxiety and stimulates the immune system. It also is a wonderful oil to the skin when blended with a carrier oil, butter or plant based solution. While it is well-known as an aromatherapy and meditation oil that helps increase spiritual awareness, it has also been traditionally valued as an anti-wrinkle agent, used to tone and smooth skin.


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"Love this product I have four scents of the Body Butter and I love how the calm me after a hard days work and a shower. I also love the complements I get from women"

Jude W.