Egypt Tour 2006

Published April 5, 2009 on


Hello Everyone,

Enjoying the beginning hints and scents of Spring in the air?   Well, I;d like to share with you one of the most treasured and enlightening trips I\'ve taken in my 35 years on this earth...Egypt.  It is where I came and revitalized my spirit, learned of ancient truths and became familiar with a more sacred way of living.

Dr. Clinton Crawford is one of the most informed Egyptologists, scholars and historians of our day.  Following the footsteps of Dr. Ben and our beloved Dr. Clarke, he makes a yearly two week pilgrimage to Egypt where he shares his knowledge and expertise on the way of life that this brilliant African civilization cultivated some 4000 plus years ago.

The inspiration that I experienced upon my return home is inexplicable.  It is what I drew from to create and complete Butter By Keba.

I realize that we are in tough economic times at this historic moment.  However, if you have saved for a rainy day and would like to invest in an experience that is sure to change your life, visit Dr. Clinton site for details on this year\'s tour.  Below are a few links that will provide detailed information as well.


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