Lisa Price's awesome gift of sharing her story.

Published March 16, 2009 on

I've just come back from an exciting seminar hosted by Project Enterprise's Entrepreneurial night called the Sweet Smell of Success with Lisa Price of  Carol's Daughter, hosted by Columbia University.   This was my second opportunity  to hear Mrs. Price speak and educate.  (I will refer to her as Mrs. Price because this evening I slipped and called her Lisa, as if she were a girlfriend. lol) My first learning experience with Lisa (oh what the heck) was at a workshop she held at the New York Open Center , my educational home of aromatherapy and natural perfumery, three years ago.    I must say, this time was just as eye-opening and chuck-full of personal sharing as the last.    She was so warm and open about her entrepreneurial journey.  She's truly genuine about her craft and love of it.   I so respect her commitment to taking time to speak with new and young entrepreneurs.  Sharing her story is so beneficial and uplifting to someone like myself.   During an economic climate such as this.  .  I remember purchasing a small bottle of  "Jazzy Juicy" but I let it sit in my cabinet too long so it went bad. i was introduced to handcrafted natural products again through a holistic practitioner I met through an old boyfriend.   It was at that point when I became curious about blending and the potential of Making products for myself.  My  love of cooking, seasoning and mixing foods and spices began to translate into a talent for blending oils, butters and essences.

My customers often compare me to Carol's Daughter, a true compliment and absolute honor, but in all honesty Butter By Keba renders a totally different product and experience.  We focus on olfactory stimulation through aromatherapy and perfumery.  Before I think of designing a new product, I must determine how it will smell first.  I am totally obsessed with being able to seduce a nose with the perfect amount of this essence and the right amount of that essence.  After I've married a group of accords to a new fragrance, I work on the product that will be enhanced with it.  This is why Butter By Keba will most likely offer more fragrances than products.  I love fragrance.  To me, it is a woman's best accessory.  I'm not a high maintenance chic.  I use 4 or 5 core products  head to toe (all by BBK of course), and that's it.     So, although we both do a nice body butter,  the two are completely different...and I mean completely.

I hope to continue to learn from today's leaders in beauty and business.  We live in a wonderful time where information is so readily available.  Those who have been extremely successful in their industries have become so willing to share their knowledge and experience through seminars, books and workshops.  I guess it's their way of giving back.   I say thank you to all of them... Lisa Price,  The NY Open Center, thank you very much!

Keep your skin soft.



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