Spray Cologne vs. Roll-on Oils. What’s best?


When choosing a fragrance the question of whether a spray cologne, perfume or roll-on oil will have the longest effect as well as which will be the best investment is one of the consumer,, especially when the investment is a new experience.

Roll-on oils tend to be the more affordable option, particularly because they come in smaller bottles (10-20ml sizes are typical) and are often cut with carrier oils or alcohol.  (We prefer delivering our fragrant accords as concentrated as possible).  One may find themselves using their roll-on more frequently because it is compact and easy to carry prompting you to pull it out periodically during the day to reapply even if you may not need to.   Fragrant oils tend to work best with active sweat glands.   As you sweat the scent that has been rubbed into the skin is released through the pores. 

 perfume oils

Spray Colognes on the other hand come in much larger, more extravagant bottles (1oz-4oz) and cost much more, anywhere from $45-$150.   The fragrance of your average cologne is carried with denatured alcohol with a concentration of about 3-5%.   (Our phthalate-free blends are closer to 10%)  But, growing trends and consumer demand have fostered the rebirth of natural perfumery and its use of un-denatured alcohols such as organic sugar cane and grain alcohols.  

Perfumes carry a higher potency of fragrance oil blend to alcohol, 15-20%.  These gems can be found carefully packaged in much smaller bottles doting a unique look.    A well married eau de parfum can run you as little as $60 and as much as $400 depending on the designer or perfumer.  
Oil based fragrance does wonders
At Butter By Keba we have found that using natural essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oils with natural plant based carriers like shea butters and grape seed  or rice bran oils have a lasting effect and offer a varying scent for everyone because you can apply and blend them in the skin allowing the fragrance to absorb into the sebaceous glands to be reborn as your own personal scent once it is released through the pores.    It may seem like a very nuanced way to wear fragrance for today’s modern perfume world, but perfume wearing using natural essential oils and plant based carriers is an ancient technique.  However, we can also appreciate a wonderfully full and layered perfume because after all, the very process of creating perfume is a component to our process of creating a unique line of fragrant body + personal care products made with simple, clean ingredients. 

At the end of the day, all most fragrance wearers want is a  non-toxic, quality fragrance that won’t break the bank and will last.

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