What do MEN look for in personal care products? We asked our customers.

As the self-care market continues to expand, we've noticed an increasing number of men investing more money and time in their self-care routines as well.  Our male repeat customer base has grown to 25%.  And so, we were curious what qualities made a product a viable contender in the grooming cabinets of our growing community of male customers.   

We asked 4 members of the Butter By Keba loyalty club, what is most important to them when choosing  a personal care product?   Here’s what they had to say:

Steve (age 50+)- “The scents are important for a man in that they shouldn't smell sweet, feminine, or flowery. You have got the right scents for men and for women. Perfect unisex scents.

Lawrence (age 45+) - “I like my products to be smooth, make me shine and soothe my skin, and my whole body.  I like Butter By Keba because they do just that.  The roll-on oils are my favorite.” When asked what self-care meant to him, he answered, “Self-care to me means taking gooood care of my body and treating it right.  It means being able to relax my mind and inner spirit.

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Scented NFT "Harlem Negotiator"

Big V age 35+ - Important qualities for me are products that make my skin smooth, soft, and smelling great. I like  receiving compliments whenever I wear a good smelling product. , so that quality is really important.   My go to scent is Butter By Keba’s Chateau Body Butter.. It can be worn by a man or woman, even though it's really for men.  I like that while it’s gender neutral a distinction can be made.

And William (Age 50+) said that scent is very important to him, as well.  He likes a product that smells good but also does what it’s supposed to.  He enjoys Butter By Keba’s White Silke and Precious Sudan Body Lotions for their quality and attention to fragrant notes.  

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All in all, our test group of male customers, generally, are looking for similar qualities in a product before purchasing them, one being scent and the second, effectiveness and quality.  We offer a 2-in-1 product that really resonates with men because it’s lasting scent, without a lot of chemical fillers you’ll find in men’s products, and quality natural ingredients, a win-win for our fellas.


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"Love this product I have four scents of the Body Butter and I love how the calm me after a hard days work and a shower. I also love the complements I get from women"

Jude W.