What is fragrance's place in the Waterless cosmetics movement?

As the beauty industry rolls out its waterless formula product offering, (in response to ongoing droughts across the country and the world) we believe there is a growing opportunity for fragrance to amplify its voice in waterless space.
Perfume oils and waterless fragrance formulas have been around longer than the fragrance industry itself.  Dating back to the early days of Egypt, women worked with natural ingredients from their gardens to create waterless fragrance formulations such as Kyphi, Unguent Cones and Salves to slather themselves with or burn in their homes.  
 Unguent Cones
Dora Goldsmith for Illuminated Perfume
Photo: Illuminated Perfume, Unguent Cone worn by Dora Goldsmith 
However, when we search for "waterless fragrance", only one product dominates the screen for 3+ pages, WaterlesHaircare.com and their Rose Peach hair mist.  Don't get me wrong, we love a good hair scent, especially when it's Peach and Rose!  We just think fragrance should be at the forefront of this movement and not just in the form of hair mist.  Perfume oils, body salves and solids have been around forever.  Why aren't we talking about waterless fragrance as well?
Could there be a new white space in "waterless, alcohol-less fragrance" emerging?    
Brands such as Nest, Goop, Dossier and even men's personal care brand Scotch Porter have all launched their collection of perfume oils.  
Butter By Keba recently collaborated with Beard Daddy to formulate 2 unique fragrances for their aromatic beard oil line.
perfume oils
Butter By Keba's waterless hero product, our body butter is available in nine beautiful fragrances from every scent category.  We blend like a perfumer, using top, middle and bottom accords that represent the beauty of perfumery, as well as aromatherapy,  to set our body butters apart from others.  For example, our Lavender Cami Body Butter is formulated with a Citrus Top Note of Mandarin and Neroli essential oils that lead into a middle accord of Geranium, Lavender, Chamomile and Jasmine, a blend that evokes calm, balance and confidence.  We finish the fragrance with Vetiver for grounding.   We've taken waterless fragrance a step further and made it moisturizing for the skin from head to toe by infusing our fragrances in Shea Butter blended with Grape Seed and Rice Bran Oils, both skin nourishing ingredients. 
 Jasmine Body Butter

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