3 Actions to Level-Up & Strengthen Your Bond

Whether you and your bae have been together for 3 months, 3 years or 3 decades we can always use ideas or methods of strengthening the bond between ourselves and the ones we love and cherish.   Here are actions to put into practice.

Meditate and/or Pray Together
You know what they say.   A couple that prays together stays together.   “Prayer, meditation and water all help initiate a relaxation response and connect us to others.   Relaxing and connection will help you work well with your partner.” - Eligible Magazine

Prepare meals together
Cooking together encourages communication, connection, creativity and comradery between people.   Studies revealed that 87% of people surveyed believe that cooking is one of the top activities couples can do to strengthen their relationship.   - Stylecaster.com

Treat each other to your favorite self care and personal care products 
There is nothing like receiving a bottle of your favorite perfume, moisturizer or hair conditioner from your love partner (you know the one that cost $30 and makes you squeal when you lose a glop of it down the drain?)     Why? Because it shows you they are paying attention.    It solidifies that they see you and they want you to feel and look your best always.    Gifting your significant other their favorite beauty and/or grooming products is such an intimate act of care and thoughtfulness.  You could never go wrong.

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