5 Essential Oils to work into your self-care routine

Valentines Day season is here and we all love a little extra attention on this fun day.   But let’s face it, real life gets hectic, often overwhelming.   We experience our own life situations and then we are sometime affected by what we take in from external occurrences, news, media etc.      But you know what?  No matter what is going on we know we are blessed.   If you opened your eyes and took a deep breath today you are blessed.    No matter what is going on at work, school, home , in politics, or the news we have been equipped with everything we need to get through it.  I have learned that It’s about how we react to life's curve balls that really determines how they land.     Anxiety is real but so is deep breathing, prayer and meditation. 

If you have been purchasing Butter By Keba it’s because there is something about your fragrance, whether you wear our butters, lotions, scrubs, oils or colognes, that makes you feel good.   Each blend is designed to be synergistic with your own unique body chemistry.

 A simple whiff of the right scent can change your mood thus altering your attitude and your day.   The taste of a delicious piece of fruit or warm pie can send you into euphoria .
How about a kiss and hug from your spouse, your child, parent or friend?    
The sound of beautiful music can get us through the most trying times and accelerate  us during our most celebratory occasions.

 Our senses are God’s greatest gifts.   The ability to see, smell, taste, touch and hear all can be utilized along with deep breathe to coast when life sometimes knocks us off our feet.   
Maybe We just need to lay back breathe and coast through it.   You know the saying... "Let go and let God"

Here are 5 essential oils (listed by their scientific latin binomial names) that I keep on deck at all times to get me through those rocky times and sickly winters.  Besides using my products I also incorporate these oils in home recipes for facial mists, organic sniffers, body oils and apply them in my room diffusers.  I blend no more than 5 drops of any of these oils with a proper carrier such as distilled water for mists and diffusers.   I've also worked with these oils to create some of BBK's best blends.

Lavender/ Lavandula Agustifolia, found in our Lavender Cami blend is known to be anti-microbial anti-fungal And great for burns.   Also known to Relax and calm anxiety as well as promote restful sleep. 

Sweet Orange/Citrus Sinensis, found in our Citruese,  Le Coconut & Lotus Nut blends is also known to be anti-microbial, anti-fungal, uplifting, worry reducing and an overall mood enhancer.

Patchouli/Pogostemon cablin - found in our white silke blend, is grown in India, South America and the Caribbean among other places and known to have anti anti-inflammatory calming, balancing and aphrodisiacal properties.

Geranium/Pelargonium Graveolens, found in our Lavender Cami blend, is
known to be great for balancing hormones and emotions, soothes anxiety, fatigue and tension.

Frankincense/Boswellia Carteri, found in our Precious Sudan Blend is is extracted from resin from the tree and is believed to strengthen and invigorate the respiratory system.   Frankincense also holds properties that reduces feelings of anxiety and stimulates the immune system.   It also is a wonderful oil to the skin when blended with a carrier oil, butter or plant based solution.   

Disclaimer:  Butter By Keba makes no medical claims about our products.  We are a fragrance brand that leans towards incorporating natural essential oils with aromatic blends that work together synergistically which can be therapeutic to the mind, body and spirit.  Our goal is to offer quality products while sharing knowledge  about the wonders of essential oils.   We also do not recommend using these oils neat, without a dilution method.

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