A Playbook For Wearing The Right Scent At the Right Time

Aromatherapy is a fascinating topic. Scents can literally impact moods, and it all stems from something in our subconscious called the Olfactory system. From improving alertness to reducing stress, scents can impact our moods in a number of ways. 

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology  revealed that olfactory stimulation creates different psychophysiological effects. Just like how pleasant scents can lift moods, it has the ability to affect stress and even a person’s working capacity.


Fragrances are widely used for their ability to influence us positively. Whether it be through affecting people’s moods, memories, emotions, perceptions, etc. science has proven that they can greatly affect us in many different ways depending on the type of scent and the situation.

Scents that help us relax and calm down

One of the most important things we can do to keep our minds and bodies healthy is to manage our stress level.  Some people prefer to meditate when they want to relax, but other people relax with a fragrance in the air. Below are some fragrance ideas you can incorporate into your life to promote relaxation and improve the health of your body and mind.  We've linked them to some of our popular collections.

Scents that help before work

Scents that help bring romantic feelings

Fragrances can be powerful mood enhancers and is a great tool to invoke romance. 

Smells are key to influencing our moods and well-being. Take this as a test to see if your perfume preference changes depending on your mood.  If it does, you’ll know that scents do impact mood, and you might even be able to hone in on what makes you happiest.  Not bad for a few dabs of perfume!









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