Sifting through quality and so so stuff...

I started experimenting with shea butter about 3 years ago while living in Harlem. I was trying to duplicate a sweet and spicy smelling moisturizer that my 'then boyfriend' used to bring me on the regular. It was a very smoooth consistency of shea butter, beeswax and about 8 other ingredients. When we broke up I felt totally drained of everything, including some of the best body butter I thought I'd ever try. CORRECTION! That is until I started making my own. I would head down to 125th street on the weekends and sometimes all the way to Brooklyn to source all types of shea butter textures. White, yellow, no smell, yuck smell, (that is until I researched much better qualities online). I would come home with pounds of the stuff and start melting, mixing and pouring til my heart was content.

You see, not only was I trying to get over a very odd relationship but I was also trying to distress from a very ODD work environment in the Real Estate Industry. I couldn't wait until the weekend came just so I could turn off the cell, shut down the laptop and begin my mixology extravaganza.

Who would ever think that an odd and often turbulent relationship would lead to a sense of freedom (both mental and creative), purpose and a means to generate more income. The experience taught me to never judge a situation by its cover because some of the strangest covers can reveal very life changing and life learning awakenings. When I look back at all of my relationships, the ones with the craziest bumps are the ones that I learned from the most. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Keep your skin soft.



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