What is organic body care?

Organic body care is a category that covers everything from hair care to cleansing products to moisturizers, and everything in between.  Body care products that are organic typically use ingredients like oils and extracts from plants grown organically without pesticides, as well as natural preservatives and fragrances that you can find in nature. The ingredients are not created synthetically or processed with harsh chemicals. Natural body care products are typically made with earth grown ingredients as well, but may not be certified grown organic or without pesticides.  It is also important

If you're trying to figure out what it means to be an organic body care product, one of the best places to start is by looking at the label for the ingredients listed. Many of these products will have labels that say "organic" or "made with certified USDA organic ingredients" (as long as 70% of the ingredients are organic).  It is important to note that products labeled USDA may contain other non organic or unnatural components and still be certified under the USDA category.

The reason why people choose organic body care  is because they want something that is kind to the earth and free of pesticides. They take their health seriously and know that they're doing something positive for themselves by choosing natural and organic products. In addition, many people also believe that this type of product is more environmentally sustainable than other options available on store shelves today.

As a body care company, we blend 97% natural and organic ingredients in our product formulations.

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