It's the Lavender Oil for Us

Lavender essential oil is a plant-based oil that comes from the Lavandula officinalis. Lavender has been used as a perfume since ancient times. It was used by Roman soldiers as part of their battle preparations and also during religious ceremonies and rites.Ancient Egyptians worked with Lavender Essential Oil for burial preparation and for overall skin care.  Traces of Lavender were found in the tombs of pharaohs such as Tutankhamum.  Essential oils were  considered a symbol of status. The Romans believed that it had healing properties and could ward off evil spirits, so they would wear it as a protective charm before going into battle. The Greeks also used Lavender in their baths.       

Egyptian influenced body care

It has been used for centuries to promote relaxation, calm the mind, and improve concentration. Lavender is also known for its skin-soothing properties, and it can help you sleep better at night.  


In addition to its scent-enhancing properties, Lavender essential oil is known for its antimicrobial effects on wounds and skin irritations. It also contains high levels of antioxidants called linalool and linalyl acetate that may naturally help reduce inflammation, lessens pain, and cleans the skin's surface.  

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It should be noted that some chemical constituents in Lavender Essential Oil such as the ones mentioned, among constituents of several other widely used and common essential oils, have been placed on the European Commission's list of Allergens so it is advised that you consult with your physician before implementing essential oils with your self-care routine.  We also advise that essential oils never be applied neat and always incorporated in a carrier fat or oil such as Shea Butter or Grape Seed Oil.


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