Psst! Do You Know This Fragrance Hack?

It's So Easy to Create a Unique Scent

Here's a tip on how to make your fragrances perform on the next level:

Layer them together to create a custom scent! Anything you use that has a fragrance – whether it's a lotion, a shampoo, an oil, or a butter – works together with your skin to create a unique fragrance.  So lean into that. Find a combination that is uniquely you.

Not sure where to start? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The scents in butters and oils last longer than spritzes and sprays. What scent do you want to linger all day after other scents have disappeared?
  • Scents and sprays can leave a nice fresh note on top of a warmer deeper fragrance.

Looking for that lingering note to carry with you all day? Start here with a body oil from Butter by Keba!

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Jude W.