7 Things Body Oil Lovers Should Know Right Now

Imagine arriving home, walking up to your door, sliding your key into the lock, opening the door, and finally pulling off your mask. Aaah. You breathe deep, feeling relieved and relaxed.  

Wouldn't you rather breathe like you were at home all the time? You can – reach for your favorite body oil and dab a drop inside your mask so that the smell of home is always with you.


There are more therapeutic effects your body oils are good for!


Body oils can also have many positive effects on your mood – Let’s zero in on all the ways that a good scent can benefit you.

1.  Boost Your Sense of Power

There may be a lot of things in your life that you don't have control over at the moment. Scent is not one of them –  Fragrances have a long association with feeling powerful. [1] Part of that power lies in your ability to choose your signature scent. It’s an identity you can customize. Layer your body oil over your body butter to create your own signature.

Creating your own lucky scent to carry with you throughout the day means you can choose to keep a sense of strength and calm wherever you go.  


2. Connect With Someone Special – Yourself 


COVID-19 created a shift in daily life that has made a lot of us reconsider our routines. You can pair down to the strictly beneficial. Now’s a good time to lock in special habits - the ones that make you feel good about yourself. 

You smell good, you feel good. Attractive. [1] Cared for. Make use of your body oil to reconnect with your physical body.

3. Let Your Youthful Soul Shine Through


Making use of the smell of grapefruit can be powerful and transformative. Those who wear Grapefruit fragrance are perceived as 5 to 10 years younger. Grapefruit's bright sweetness is fresh and invigorating.

Perfume is not the only place that this scent lives. At Butter by Keba, grapefruit fragrance is in aromatic gender-neutral blend Citruese available in the body Butter, Lotion, Roll-on Oil, Organic Cologne and Bath Salt Scrub.  Grapefruit also lives in the Fruitition follicle serum. Add this scent to your favorite body oil and you'll get the amazing hair health benefits of this serum (it helps with dryness damage and breakage) and you'll have its youth-giving power at your fingertips. [2]

4.  Map Your Moods


Have you ever noticed that smells evoke feelings and memories

Your underlying neural pathways are closely linked to your olfactory system. There have been studies done that show a correlation between a certain scent like sweet orange or lavender, and a particular feeling like happiness, calmness, or invigoration. [3] 


But everyone has different memories and experiences, and your sense of smell is as particular as your fingerprints. Identifying which smells make you happy, taking the time to note when a smell makes you feel good, or calm, or safe, can help you choose which oils and fragrances are good to incorporate into your daily routine.

5.   What Can Help Suppress Appetite? You Guessed It...


Eating because you feel distressed or overwhelmed is a pretty common issue. If you are working from home, if your activity regimen has been severely restricted by stay-at-home orders, you might need help. 

Managing your diet may be more of a priority now than it has ever been. 

But scents can help – Peppermint can suppress the urge to give in to unhelpful cravings. 

In a study done at Wheeling Jesuit University, a group of people who smelled peppermint during the day ate 2300 calories less than those who did not. [4]


6. Can Affect Your Mood (in a Good Way)


Scientific journals show that 5 minutes of exposure to a pleasant odor can have a positive effect on your mood. [5] This is very easy to believe. Just imagine the irresistible smell of freshly baked bread.  Or an ocean breeze. How does it make you feel to smell a clean basket of laundry?  

There are many scents that you smell during the day that can nudge your mood in one way or another.  Fragrances are among these – Certain scents like sweet orange [6] and oud [7] have even been shown to help alleviate anxiety. You can shift your energy and mood by using different scents.


7. Can Help Change Your Emotional State


Need something to help you feel comfortable and relaxed? Changing the scent of your environment can help. Here's a fun hack to try: change the scent of the room at night. Using the scent of lavender can help you sleep. 

You can dab on body oil. Or, put a few drops into a spray bottle with water and spritz your sheets. Putting the smell of lavender in the air can help you sleep peacefully. And sleeping peacefully and improving your quality of sleep means improved cognitive function during the day. [f]


So, here’s the bottom line on fragrance: 

Yes, Aromatherapy Can Help You Feel Better

As I’ve mentioned before, Butter by Keba’s body oils are manufactured to give you purer, high-quality scents. You can use a little and get much more value than you would from a traditional perfume. 

And you can also use our oils intentionally, to carry a sense of wellness with you.

A sense of peace. 

A sense of home. 


I’m Looking to Spread Information on Community Health and Wellness


Recently I asked my Instagram followers to let me know what scents they associated with feeling good and feeling happy. Thanks to everyone who dropped a comment. 

Because of you, I am now in the process of a new and exciting experiment. But I would love to hear from more of you. Comment down below what scents make you feel happy, make you feel calm, make you feel good.

P.S. I really enjoy being in conversation with you! If you want to get even more connected, be sure to follow us on Instagram. I love seeing your comments and sharing your experiences. You are the faces of Butter by Keba, and I want to see more of you. So, follow us today.


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