What is organic body care? | butterbykeba.com

What is organic body care?

Organic body care is a category that covers everything from hair care to cleansing products to moisturizers, and everything in between.  Body care ...

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How are fragrance oils made? | butterbykeba.com

How are fragrance oils made?

The first step is to extract natural oils from the plant or tree that are to be used for fragrance. The good news is, there are several methods of ...

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Are fragrance oils vegan? | butterbykeba.com

Are fragrance oils vegan?

Fragrance oils are essentially synthetic compounds which are created to mimic the scent of natural fragrances. Some synthetic compounds are a conce...

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The Chakra Collection | butterbykeba.com

The Chakra Collection

"ALL LIVING MATTER VIBRATES ACCORDING TO ITS OWN UNIQUE VIBRATIONAL PATTERN." The Chakra Collection A collaboration of Chakra inspired fragrances...

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A Summer For Scar Healing. | butterbykeba.com

A Summer For Scar Healing.

This summer I promised myself that I would work on healing by cooking burns.  I had a few on one arm, my right, some old and recent. I took a combi...

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